Godfrey Hewitt Mobility Award

Godfrey M. Hewitt (1940-2013) was President of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) from 1999-2001. He was exceptionally influential in evolutionary biology both through his research and through his mentoring of young scientists. He was also a great believer in seeing organisms in their environment first-hand and in exchanges of ideas between labs. Therefore, ESEB has decided to offer, annually, mobility grants for young scientists in his name.

More information about Godfrey M. Hewitt is available at the University of East Anglia, at Wikipedia, and at the Evolution Tree - The Academic Genealogy of Evolutionary Biology.

Call for Applications 2015


The award is open to PhD students or postdoctoral scientists who are, at the closing date for applications, both within 6 years of the start date of their PhD and ESEB members. The maximum single award will be 2000 Euros. It must be used to support fieldwork or a period of research at a lab that you have not previously visited. There is no restriction on the country of residence or nationality of the applicant but preference will be given to applicants who are unlikely to be able to fund the proposed work by other routes. Preference will also be given to self-contained or ‘seed-corn’ projects, rather than fundamental elements of already-funded PhD or postdoctoral projects, and to projects with a definable output that is achievable within the scope of the GHM award.
A report will be required by 30 April 2016, by which time the funds must have been used.

Closing date: Friday 16 January 2015, 12.00 GMT.

Application procedure

Your application should be sent as a single PDF file to Ute Friedrich at the ESEB office. It should include your name, current status and institution, your PhD start date, your ESEB membership number, a description of the work to be carried out (maximum 500 words), an outline budget with brief justification (maximum 100 words) and a signed statement from your PhD supervisor or postdoctoral adviser (maximum 100 words) explaining why the work cannot be funded from your institution.

Please take care to limit the size of attachments (total < 10 MB) in any one email.

Applications will be considered by a committee chaired by Roger Butlin. The aim will be to announce decisions before the end of March 2015.



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